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Customer Testimonials

Here are some comments from satisfied customers around the world:-

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the personalized handwriting font that you created for me. It has been a game changer in my role as CEO of a small private school. Being able to personalize cards and letters for my staff, for legislators, and donors has been so important, and having a handwriting font has been a key strategy in adding that personal touch. Using a pen plotter to create handwritten documents added an extra level of authenticity and personalization. It is especially helpful for creating personalized notes in large quantities.
I also wanted to extend a special thank you to Andy at Quantum Enterprises for his help in getting me set up with the font and for being a gracious and helpful resource.
Thank you for your ingenuity in creating this tool. It has greatly impacted my ability to connect with my constituents and build meaningful relationships.

- R.H. (USA) (Premium 'Ultra' Service Version 6 - Subsequently upgraded to single line).

Customer service agent Andrew provided me a step by step guide on how to download and use my fonts. He offered excellent customer service and explained on how it works.
10/10 - This gentleman deserves a raise and an award!
- K.W. (USA) (Premium 'Ultra' Service - Single Line Pre-Made Font)

...You guys do an amazing job! Takes a literal genius to create something like this, and more great minds to keep it going and up to date. Kudos to all of you!
- M.F. (USA) (Premium 'Ultra' Service - Single Line Font)

Wonderful, thank you SO much. We are so pleased with how this turned out!
- Samantha E. (USA) (Premium 'Ultra' Service)

It's working great. I'm entirely satisfied. You deliver a very fine product and have been responsive to all my communications. Well done. Many thanks!
- Ken Attori (USA) (Premium 'Ultra' Service - Single Line Font)

Many thanks for the fonts - we have already integrated into our system and used the scriptalizer as well. I must say its brilliant, and surpasses our expectations.
Well done on a great product, please keep it under wraps as I would prefer my competition do not know about it :-)
- Alan Wood (Australia) (Premium 'Ultra' PLUS Service)

Thank you very much for this. It's amazing how you do this, its looks so authentic and very useful for the type of work we do. A few of my colleagues have used your service now and its really helped our work be more effective and personal for our donors. It's great.
- Laura S. (UK) (Premium 'Ultra' Service)

Thank you for the personalised font! This looks amazing. I will be sure to refer my business friends to your excellent service.
- Nick James (USA) (Premium 'Ultra' PLUS Service)

Thank you Andy! This is fantastic!
- John Lunsford (USA) (Premium 'Ultra' PLUS Service)

I have checked and everything is right with the font, thank you very much for your help.
Really your work is exceptional.
- FC (Panama) (Premium 'Ultra' PLUS Service)

Just wanted you to know how blown away I am by my font! Absolutely incredible. Actually, kinda scary, too…it's that accurate!
Thank you for all your help and hard work.
- TM (USA) (Premium 'Ultra' PLUS Service)

The font is excellent beyond my expectations. Thank you. I will be sending information soon for an additional nine members of my staff.
- Don Coley (USA) (Standard PLUS Service)

Thank you so much Andy – this really is superb. I am delighted with it! 
- David Warburton (UK) (Premium 'Ultra' Service)

This is an outstanding service you provide. This is not only an art form, but a science as well. Thank you again. Completely satisfied with your work. I appreciate the amount of time and effort you expended on this project.
- BB (USA) (Premium 'Ultra' Plus)

Thank you.
I love it... Just what I was after.
Great service.

- Tara Knight (UK)

Dear Andy,

Many thanks for the handwriting fonts. I have been away and have not had a chance to try them until today, but having done so, I am very satisfied. They are a good approximation to my own handwriting, though the limitations of Microsoft Word means that it is difficult for me to type lines as close together as I often write. On the other hand, I think it probably does look rather clearer when the spacing between the lines is greater! (See note below after the solution was pointed out)

The really exciting thing, however, is that the fonts work admirably with Dragon NaturallySpeaking Premium version 12, which means that I do not have to type at all. I simply speak, and something very like my own handwriting immediately appears on the screen ready for printing. I am fortunate in having the use of my hands, but I have no doubt at all that for those who do not, for whatever reason, it would be the most astonishing psychological boost to see their handwriting and to be able to print it out in letters to their friends, relations, work colleagues, or anyone else for that matter.
The same would also be true for the blind, some of whom are not able to write as clearly as once they did. I am sure that there will be others too who could benefit considerably from the use of these fonts, which put personality back into writing.

Yours sincerely,

- Royston Such (UK) (Standard PLUS Service)

Further comment after a solution to the line spacing issue was pointed out:
Thank you for that guidance. I have also taken your advice regarding the spacing between lines, and found that the limitation was not with Microsoft Word, but was with me. I had not realised that the "chopped off" version which I could see on the screen would not be repeated when the document was printed.

Hi Andy .. thank you SO much .. it is excellent!
I will send around to some colleagues as well .. I'm sure they'll be interested in your fantastic service!
- JD (USA) (Standard Service)

Hi Andy
No questions, but just wanted to say a big thank you for your excellent service. The CD arrived today. I'm delighted with my handwriting font, but your speed of response both by e-mail and in sending the CD was exceptional.
Much appreciated and I'll definitely recommend you.
Thanks again,
- LH (UK) (Premium 'Ultra' Service)

Dear Andrew,
Thank you for the great job on my handwriting font. I appreciate the extra help in making the changes.
All the best,
- JS (USA) (Standard Service)

Dear Andy
Many thanks for all your hard work, simply amazing!! Wish I'd done this years ago!!
You guys have been a pleasure to deal with and utterly professional. I won't hesitate to recommend your services to my friends.
Kindest regards
- JB (UK) (Premium 'Ultra' PLUS Service)

This is perfect, thanks for your patience - I am very pleased with your product.
- SP (USA) (Premium 'Ultra' Service)

Andy, thank you so much for you hard work and your efforts! I'm very satisfied with the end result, I'm thrilled with your service, and I will be telling EVERYBODY about you! I only wish I had discovered this sooner!
Thanks again,
- Valerie Gee (USA) (Standard Service)

i am very happy with the result. the first time i saw it, i compared it to a letter i recently sent out, and it was my handwriting. it was all me. aaawww... thanks so much! you did a great job. you are fast, very reliable and very affordable. now i can truly say that i bought something that is very good in quality and cheap at the same time. it was a great deal! more power!
- JM (USA)

Many thanks- cant wait to type my Christmas letters and let everyone think that I slaved over personal handwritten letters to everyone!
I wont hesitate to recommend your service to friends and family - the gift for the person who has everything.
- LH (UK)

Wow you guys are marvels of efficiency!
The font is fantastic, honestly.
- JS (Canada)

I am very happy with what you have produced for me so far. It is far better than I thought it would be. I will be asking at some point for one or two of the letters to be adjusted in the next week but will do a complete run of sample letters to ensure everything works. Further, I have already contacted all of the members of my business group to let them know of the exceptional product and service you offer.


- SH (Canada) (Premium 'Ultra' Service)

I received your e mail at home and have come especially to my office this afternoon to install the font. It is excellent.
I have used your simpler (cheaper) version happily for some years but this is far better and well worth buying.
Thank you for your patience over the quality of the images - frustrating at the time for me because of my lack of experience with graphic software - but amply justified by the stunning results.
- CL (UK) (Standard Service)

Thanks, Andy. I like it. Surprisingly, I like it a lot. Thanks so much. I also appreciate the speed with which you got this one to me! I'll certainly recommend your service to others.
- CK (USA) (Standard Service)

Thanks very much - the font looks shockingly like my own handwriting - I just showed it to my wife and her jaw dropped. I'm really impressed!
As an info-marketer, I mail out dozens of my systems every week. With the fonts created by Quantum Enterprises I can automatically print a personalized note with my own handwriting to each customer, and beat my competitors on intimacy!
- GW (Hungary) (Standard Service)

Thank you so much for accommodating my schedule for a Premium font. The font turned out even better than expected! I can't tell the difference! You are a genius! I will be back for more fonts, and I will recommend your services to others! Thanks Andy!!
- BG (USA) (Standard Service)

Thank you very much for my handwriting font! I've often wondered what my handwriting would look like, when turned into a computer font, and now I know, and I like it very much. Thanks for creating this font for me - your work is much appreciated.
- CH (UK)

I am really happy I decided to go for the cursive. It looks awesome !
- SB (USA) (Standard Service)

I can't get over how great my font looks - I'm so BEYOND pleased with the service, quality and timeliness. Thank you for everything,
- JM (USA)

...Its great. We have done several tests and copied it in different sizes and written naturally underneath and the match is just about perfect! Thank you very much, I will be able to cheat with personal letters now!...
- JS (Cyprus)

Thank you for the fonts. I think they are marvelous. I will be ordering about 3 or 4 more within the week...
- DO (USA)

Many thanks - all installed and working fine.
- JH (UK) (Standard Service)

...my font installed with no problems. Thank you. Your service has been speedy and completely satisfactory.
My hands get so sore with hand writing, it’s good to have a font like this to use with the personal touch.
- AM (UK)

Thank you, I am delighted with my font.
- BM (UK)

Just a short note to say that I am delighted with the handwriting font you recently did for me. Makes a letter look more personalised. Many thanks.
- AA (UK)

Thank you! It looks great.
- SD (UK)

I just wanted to tell you that I am VERY impressed with the font I received!! I will definitely spread the word!! :)
- S (USA)

Hi! This is quite cool. Now my scratchy handwriting can cause havoc everywhere. I love it...
- PB (USA)

Works great. Thanks!
- RM (USA)

Excellent. I didn't realise my "handwriting" could be this neat!

Many thanks
- NM (UK)

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