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The Best Handwriting Font Service on the Market!

Everyone should have their own handwriting in the font menu...

Andrew Hunt

Welcome! My name is Andy Hunt, and I have been creating handwriting fonts since 2002.

Personalising documents on your computer with your own handwriting is not only fun, it has many practical uses, and I firmly believe that every computer user should have their handwriting as one of the font choices when they type.

Whilst there are several pieces of software available for making your own handwriting fonts, creating a realistic handwriting font takes skill and practise. More than 30 years of Graphonomy (handwriting analysis) experience gives me a unique insight into the way handwriting is formed, and why everyone's handwriting is unique. This is why I believe our handwriting font services are the best on the market.

In addition, along with my skill and experience I believe that our services are the most competitively priced, and if you find a service that is cheaper than ours I'd like to hear about it!

How we make our handwriting fonts

Premium and Premium 'Ultra' Services

Our premium service handwriting fonts do not use any automated software. Each character is added to the font by hand, and painstakingly adjusted to ensure it replicates the original handwriting style as closely as possible. With the Premium 'Ultra' service this means that up to 323 characters are added to the font!

When creating the handwriting font, the best example of each character is selected as being typical from the handwriting samples supplied. If the character is not sat on the baseline, then its slightly different position is replicated. If the handwriting is joined up, then the connecting stroke for each character is adjusted so that it will connect smoothly with the next letter.

Example of a crossed out 'mistake'

Our Premium 'Ultra' Service takes the realism a step further, by adding over 100 additional characters to the font, which our special Scriptalizer™ software can use to replace the standard characters with alternatives. There are even 5 'error' characters that the Scriptalizer™ adds at a frequency you choose to replicate the occasional slip of the pen that is then crossed out!

You can still use the font as a normal True Type font, but used in conjunction with the FREE Scriptalizer™ software the font will be a very realistic reproduction of your handwriting. This is the cream of our font services, and I know you will be pleased with the results.

Close up o the word 'handwiting' in a handwriting font

Purchase Pre-Made Premium 'Ultra' Fonts

Example of a Premium 'Ultra' font
Over the years customers have kindly allowed their fonts to be made available as examples of our work for a generous discount. You can browse and purchase over 40 of these realistic handwriting fonts, compatible with the Premium 'Ultra' handwriting font service and Scriptalizer™ handwriting font enhancement software.
Prices range from only £9.60 ($ *) to £9.95 ($ *) each!

SignaTYPE Services

The SignaTYPE Service is a SIGNATURE ONLY font, for those people who want to be able to easily add an electronic signature to documents, but do not want a full handwriting font.

Other than the SignaTYPE service, all fonts have upper and lower case characters, numerals, and basic punctuation. You will be given the option to purchase additional characters for the Premium and Premium 'Ultra' Services.

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