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Differences Between Premium Ultra Font Versions

Which Version Should I Buy?

A Summary of Premium Ultra Font Versions

For a full detailed version history, please go to the Scriptalizer™ Version History (Opens in a new window).

Version 1: Released March 2006. 76 total variations.
Version 2: Released September 2006. 89 total variations.
Version 3: Released January 2009. 99 total variations.
Version 4: Released May 2010. 101 total variations.
Version 5: Released January 2014. 110 total variations.
Version 6: Released October 2021. 318 total variations.

There are now two versions of pre-made and custom Premium 'Ultra' handwriting fonts available to purchase: Version 5 and Version 6.

So which should you buy?
The answer depends on whether cost, or amount of variation, is most important to you.
Version 5 fonts have 110 character variations, whereas version 6 fonts have 318 character variations. More variations means more cost, but more realism.

Cost is more important than realism

Realism is more important than cost

You Should
Version 5

You Should
Version 6

Version 5 fonts are an excellent balance between cost and realism and are being used in hundreds of personal and commercial applications. Version 6 fonts are ideal if quality is paramount over cost. They are a significant investment, but one that ensures you have the best product available on the market.

More information about the differences between versions

Here is a summary of the main differences between Version 5 and Version 6 fonts. For a full detailed specification, please go to the Specification Page (Opens in a new window).

Feature Version 5 Version 6
Total number of variations 110 318
Typical variations per letter* 3 6
Starting and ending letter strokes Yes Yes
Letter pairs 14 20
Numeral variations 2 3
Capital letter variations No Yes
Word spacing variations No 2
Punctuation and other symbol variations No Yes
(Custom made fonts)
Prices start at £114.45 ($ *) for TrueType version
£214.40 ($ *) for single line version.
Prices start at £229.95 ($ *) for TrueType version
£429.90 ($ *) for single line version.
(Pre-made fonts)
Prices start at £11.45 ($ *) for TrueType version
£99.95 ($ *) for single line version.
Prices start at £24.95 ($ *) for TrueType version
£199.95 ($ *) for single line version.

* The number of variations is dependent on the frequency each letter appears in English writing. Some letters have many more variations. Some have fewer.
For example, in Version 5 the letter 'e' has three general variations and three word ending variations, whereas Version 6 has six general variations and 6 word ending variations.
In Version 5 there are no variations of the letter 'q', whereas in Version 6 there is one variation.