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Handwriting Analysis Feedback - The Score So Far

Average score for accuracy of all feedback on handwriting analyses to date:

76.5 %

Data based on replies via the feedback form, or through personal e-mail. (665 replies)

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Some comments about analyses conducted

Pretty damn accurate. Revealing if I didn't already know certain things, but reminding since I maybe had forgotten the traits it revealed.
- K.S. (USA) (8/10)
This was not only fun but amazing. Much of the analysis was helpful.
- Anon. (USA) (7/10)
For being a pseudoscience, the accuracy was surprisingly profound. I would rate this higher than Myers Briggs on accuracy and detail. Very cool
- Alane Klineman (Turkmenistan) (8/10)
It surprised me in a good way. Worthy of the spot it has on google as the first result shown on a search. Exactly what I was looking for
- R.T. (Location not given) (9/10)
It’s pretty interesting. Of eight paragraphs—each describing a certain area of the personality—seven were almost terrifyingly accurate; one was so inaccurate, it was the exact opposite of the reality. I suppose this happened because the subject has a mercurial personality [and hence variable handwriting depending on purpose of writing, circumstances, and so forth].
- Ramon Kranzkuper (India) (8/10)
I have been a fan of handwriting for about 52 Years. I worked as a nurse in a few hospitals. I worked on all of the floors and had a lot of fun when asked to check their writing, nothing negative was ever said. Sometimes it was a lifesaver for me. The results were very accurate. It was very enlightening. Can you tell me what a "star crossed T means, in lower case. In 30 years of nursing there was only one other person that did and he was not a good Dr. Thank you for your time.
- S.T. (USA) (8/10)

It is fantastic how each aspect of the personality has been highlighted so accurately in the report, keeping in mind the contradictions that have arisen. I'm surprised by the precision of the report. Truly, graphonomers who have created this site, you've done a commendable job. Kudos!
- G.G. (10/10)
Just WOW.
- Valentina Verderio (Italy) (9/10)
Extremely accurate descriptions of my own personality (that I know of about myself). Alongside comments, also provides solutions which is great.
- Thành Pham (Vietnam) (9/10)
Always wanted to have my handwriting analyzed and was confident that the analysis you provided me with would contain results reflective of some traits/characteristics that I possess; But never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined the specific accuracy of things that I didn't even think could be gathered from a handwriting sample. It's amazing, to say the least.
- CV (USA) (8/10)
amazing easy to use and so interesting
- ES (UK) (8/10)
Absolutely fascinating and something I've wanted to do for a long time!
Almost perfect except for the part about dressing formerly as I'm actually goth/ punk but the rest was spot on!
I'd really love to have my actual handwriting analysed as I think this would be so cool!
- DH (UK) (9/10)
Brilliant, extremely helpful. Unfortunately, I only had a very small sample of the handwriting, but I cannot believe how much information I got from Andy. Excellent. Great service, always on line if you want some feedback. Amazing
- SH (Ireland) (8/10)
Hi, Thanks for taking the time to do the Analysis. I was interested in seeing it after, doing my own review using the free one, and the results were rather similar.
I have a huge interest in areas of understanding human psychology, so this was an interesting little test for me. I tried to get the sample to be a consistent level, but my handwriting is erratic at best, I tried to get it to a consistent average of what is most common.
What interests me most though is the high level of extroversion, which isn't anything people who know me would describe me as. This could really be a reflection of a inner self though, I have spent a majority of my life building friendships online, in games and other communities, despite my social anxiety I am drawn to this. Where I get really passionate about sharing things that inspire me or to express, which I do so in writing.
Whilst in reality, I struggle picking up social cues, lacking in empathy driven verbal communication, I need a great deal of time alone, and going out of the house/socializing is the last thing I want to do. I do think my use of writing is more expressive, and driven by the need to do so openly... and this writing style, helps me feel like it can be written with more confidence, expression, and passion behind what I'm trying to convey. I want to share that with people but it usually ends up for myself. Basically I have a lot I want to say but hesitate to express it, at least in a verbal sense, text has more reflective freedom to expand and edit especially helpful when you say things on impulse or struggle to follow a train of thought that is effective for conversation.
The points about impulsivity and independence are correct.
I'd like to indicate for understandings sake, I do have diagnosis's of ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder (More inline with Aspergers), with depression, anxiety, c-ptsd and an eating disorder. If your aware of the MBTI I scale as a INTP-T (Logician), I find this an interesting test with similar telling results... I find interesting for comparison.
I live in a constant state of high stress.... yet don't tend to express them outwardly, outbursts of irritability are consistent.
I tend to try to maintain a very controlled persona outwardly due to masking and suppressing my impulsive/awkward tendencies, and the notions or indications that emotional stress is potential are a sign of that control in the writing representing itself, which is representative of reality situations, where little cracks in the persona are forming at times under stress. Atleast in theory. The small jerks, were my wrists cramping, and hesitation as I tried to write fast, which could have been impacted by stress.
Noticing my varying handwriting styles in different moods, or mental states the more I interpret this and graphonomy, might be interesting. Anyway thanks again, not sure if my feedback is all that interesting, but I felt the need to share anyway.
- ZK (India) (7/10)
Really great free service, would definitely recommend.
- Rahma A. (United Arab Emirates) (8/10)
The report of my handwriting analysis just blew my mind away. It captured all of my personality traits perfectly!
- FR (India) (10/10)
I'm amazed at how accurate this is, especially because many people don't see these qualities in me.
- ED (USA) (9/10)
It's true fact, about my personality
- Aarti Jadhav (India) (10/10)
Wonderful and interesting course!
- Rruchi Shrimalli (India) (10/10)
sssoooooooooooooooooo true. From all personality tests tried, this was the truest
- WG (10/10)
Well, I was staggered at the accuracy of the Analysis. It was almost 100% correct. Only a couple of minor points ‘were not me’.
I have always been intrigued by Graphology and will certainly be studying this subject in much more depth now.
- SP (UK) (9/10)
I am stunned by the report. It exactly mirrored my personality. I would love to share this with my friends. Never did I think it could be this accurate. Thanks
- Khushi Raj (India) (10/10)
I was really quite impressed with how accurate this was even based on how it had me analyzing my own writing and answering questions based on it. Very neat.
- SF (USA) (8/10)
Pretty cool and spot on!
- HS (USA) (9/10)
I now have so many people that want me to do an analysis of their writing, that I don't have time for almost anything else. Thanks for the course and the website you keep up.
- Maria (USA) (10/10)
what i read is fantastic i am a graphonomis i am a police officer i want to be a membar of graphonmy.
- TG (Nigeria) (10/10)
..frankly, am amazed at what the analysis reveals about me!
- SA (UK) (9/10)
this handwriting analysis is superb!!!it gets you know yourself in a better way and i personally feel that one must have this analysis done at least once and follow the helpful advice... thank you
- DS (India) (8/10)
I am very pleased with the results of this test...They are completely accurate, right down to the tiniest detail (for example my calmness in an emergency situation, my tendancy to use verbal attacks rather than physical and my habit of bottling up emotions until I fly off the handle) I never thought this anylasis would be so in-depth and precise. I'd highly reccomend it to anyone looking to define their personality or just to curb some boredom.
- JE (UK) 10/10)
This is great. Hit right on the mark. Wow, I did not know that handwriting could tell so much about a person. I will continue to find out more on how to read peoples handwriting!! Thanks!:)
- SR (USA) (10/10)

Followed by:

This one was right on the money too. Now I really do believe this handwriting stuff really does work!!! :)
- SR (USA) (10/10)
As an Artist, I felt that you seen my whole life flash before your eyes. I'm speechless, Thank U, ThankU, ThankU . . . Sincerely,
- D (10/10)
Thank you so much for allowing free use of your analysis software. The information was accurate when compared with my findings. As a teaching aid to check my reports it has been a real treat. Thanks again! I have used it twice so far.
- D (USA) (9/10)
I was blown away by the accuracy of the handwriting analysis. I did it on my own handwriting, and it told me things about myself I hadn't even realized - supported by personality traits that I know I have. How can you know all of this from the way I write? Wow!
- K (USA) (9/10)
This was the most accurate analyse of my personality I have ever received - even down to my profession! I'll admit to being a little dubious as to the accuracy as I was not required to submit a sample, but this really has amazed me. I shall definately look into taking a course.
- RA (UK) (10/10)
...I just cannot say enough about how accurate this Handwriting Analysis is on myself and my husband. He was real skeptical and after reading his results he walked away shaking his head. He just could not believe how accurate his results were either. UTTERLY AMAZING!!!
- SA (USA)
Amazing! I was expecting something a lot more general for your response. Something like you would get for a physic or fortune teller. What I receicved was so "Right on target" that it is almost scary! You nailed me. Thank you for this site and I do plan on recomending it to the poeple I know. A believer.
- TG (USA)
I was amazed at how dead on this was about my husband! thanks!
- DD (USA)
... I had thought that with so many of these services that they would be very general with only 'nice' things being said. Yours proved to be informative and helpful. Thank you very much. I hope that more and more people will use the service and I have recommended your site to others.
- HM (UK)
I am very impressed with this. I found it fascinating and educational. Incredible. Accurate. User friendly!!!! Thank you for revealing what my writing reveals about me. Thank you very much.
- DB (USA)
For a computer generated analysis, I think this was really good. The questions were excellent and as an American who has studied the subject, I found, in the questions, some areas which I have not paid much attention to in my studies. Thank you so much.
- MF (USA)
Awesome! got me down to a t! Good to see free stuff like this online one of the most comprehensive reports i have seen 4 free.
- MR (New Zealand)
You were right in the mark (pardon the pun)! The analysis gave me some insight into myself. And you should be grateful for the compliment, considering your analysis labels me with a superiority complex due to my swish-and-stab signature :-)
- KS (USA)
Wow! That was really cool. I was amased at how many traits the analysis was able to identify and actually make me aware of that I knew existed but sometimes didn't admit to. My thanks to you. It was very insightful.
- TW (USA)
I was very impressed with the analysis. It hit very high marks. I am definitely going to tell everyone about your site. Thank you.
- SM (USA)
Excellent and even better that this service is free. Thank You!
- JC (UK)
Uncannily spot-on. I will give it to friends and ask them if that is how they see me!
- RW (UK)
I appreciate the accurate report, especially about the mention of 'stress' ! I am on a short break. Once I get back, I will enroll for the e-course.
- ME (India)
I do a lot of research for myself and for some aging adults that are not fortunate to have a computer like myself. Things they like to know or find out about. Medically or subjects they are interested in. I find that your handwriting web is very interesting and almost fits me to a "T." Thank you!
- DS (USA)
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