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The Graphonomy 'E-Course'

20 Week Interactive Handwriting Analysis Course

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plus postage for the 'Certificate of Completion'.

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Everyone has heard of Graphology, but do you ever hear mention of Graphonomy? This facet of handwriting analysis is little known, but, if you've already tried your own interactive on-line handwriting analysis and received the report, you probably already know how accurate it can be - even in the hands of the less experienced!

Two men looking at a computer screenNow is your chance to take a step further, and actually learn about the key handwriting characteristics.

This 20 week 'E-Course' (a sort of electronic correspondence course) will introduce you to Graphonomy, take you step by step through more than 50 handwriting strokes and characteristics, and explain how to integrate the things you find into a meaningful analysis.

Whether you are a student, or just interested in expanding your knowledge of the subject, you will find this an easy paced programme of learning.

Each week you will receive your latest lesson as a PDF document attached to an email message, with images to show examples of the characteristics under discussion. The lesson will also include text from the Graphonomizer software, explaining how each handwriting characteristic can be interpreted with regard to personality or emotions.

Andrew HuntDuring the length of the course, you can freely correspond by e-mail with Andrew Hunt, Graphonomist and author of the unique Graphonomizer™ software which is used exclusively by this web site. He will attempt to answer any questions or uncertainties about the things you have learnt to date. And of course, you can practise your skills by conducting as many free on-line analyses as you wish!

By the end of the course, you will have a firm basic, knowledge of how Graphonomy can reveal inner secrets about personality and emotions, plus a 'Certificate of Completion' to show that you've finished the course, and you will never look at a person's handwriting in the same way again!!

The Graphonomy 'E-Course' Syllabus

The Graphonomy 'E-Course' consists of twenty weekly lessons, each of which is sent by e-mail in plain text format.

The lessons will normally be sent by our computer during the weekend, and will be automatically transmitted at weekly intervals. We recommend you use each week to practise what you have learned about, before the next lesson arrives.

The lessons will also include examples of the handwriting characteristics under discussion. Although you will have seen many of these examples already if you have conducted your own on-line analysis, you will find the text in each lesson more descriptive and explanatory.

E-course certificateThe first instalment will be an extended introduction to the course. Text from the web site will be used as the initial introduction to Graphonomy (so don't worry if you haven't had time yet to go and read the introduction to Graphonomy on the web pages in full). The introduction will also include the basic rules and tips for a successful analysis, and the equipment which will be needed.

Each lesson will include descriptions of the handwriting characteristics under discussion, what they mean, and actual text as generated by the Graphonomizer software to show how they can be described in an analysis.

At the end of the course you will receive a decorative Certificate Of Completion, signed by Andrew Hunt, which will state that you have completed the course.

Here's what you'll be learning about during the course:-

Week 1 - Introduction to Graphonomy (The Science Of Graphonomy - Not The Art Of Graphology)
How and why can handwriting say so much?
Uses and abuses of Graphonomy.
Equipment required.
Basic rules of analysis.

Week 2 - Handwriting flow

Week 3 Handwriting pressure variations
(Random pressure and sudden sharp pressure increases). The pressure intensity index.

Week 4 - How to find out about I.Q.

Week 5 - Signatures
Find out how much can be discovered about a person with just a signature.

Week 6 - Anchor strokes

Week 7 - Independence

Week 8 - Assertiveness and submissiveness

Week 9 - Perfectionism and ambition

Week 10 - Aggression

Week 11 - Extraversion

Week 12 - Worldliness (sophistication)

Week 13 - Isolated ambiguity

Week 14 - Emotional disturbance (Part 1)

Week 15 - Emotional disturbance (Part 2)

Week 16 Emotional disturbance (Part 3)

Week 17 - Emotional constipation

Week 18 - Compulsiveness

Week 19 - Signs of stress

Week 20 - Overview and summary

Don't forget:-

This is a correspondence course, so you are free to ask as many questions as you like. Please submit any queries you have during the course by e-mail. Your questions will be answered by Andrew Hunt, author of the unique Graphonomizer™ software which is used exclusively by this site.