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About the Graphonomizer™ Handwriting Analysis Software

The Free Analysis

Graphonomizer handwriting analysis softwareWhen all of the questions have been answered in the Graphonomizer ™and clicked on the 'Submit' button, the results will be used by the software to produce a written personality profile.

For the FREE analysis, the results will appear on your screen within a few seconds of you clicking the 'Submit' button.

The analysis report consists of a bar chart showing the scores for the eight personality traits of the subject (independence, assertiveness, submissiveness, perfectionism, ambition, aggression, extraversion and worldliness), scoring from 0 to 10 on each.

The program also produces a full description of the subject's personality which may be from 3 or 4 paragraphs upwards (500 - 1,200 words), depending on the number of characteristics shown in the handwriting.

Example of a free handwriting analysis report

Sample handwriting analysis reportHere is an example of a free handwriting analysis report. Please note that the example does not show all of the possible handwriting or personality characteristics which can be detected in an analysis. However, it will give you an idea of the sort of detail you can expect from an analysis.
View the example free handwriting analysis report

Full Analysis

(If you decide to pay Quantum Enterprises to do an analysis for you)

If you decide to purchase a full handwriting analysis, you will have the option to have your report sent by e-mail as a PDF attachment, or as an attractively presented 'Certificate Of Handwriting Analysis' mailed in the post.

The e-mail version of the report will look very similar to the example of a free report (above).

Examples of the 'Certificate Of Handwriting Analysis' can be found below.

Either way, your full handwriting report will also include a summary of all the characteristics found, which will be specially written by Andrew Hunt, our in-house Graphonomer.

Examples Of Handwriting Analysis Certificates

Click on the images to see larger versions

Example handwriting analysis certificate - First Page Example handwriting analysis certificate - Last Page

Examples of the front and last pages of a certificate of handwriting analysis.

The certificate seal is an embossed gold effect self-adhesive 'star'. The certificate border is a unique "White Vine" design which has been produced by Presentations - a company who specialises in beautifully hand-painted, customised, presentation certificates.

The intermediate pages contain the personality description using the same bordered paper and classic font.

You may wish to do a handwriting analysis on handwriting not produced by yourself. In this case, please use a sample of handwriting that best meets the above requirements.

The personality chart/description of the subject will only indicate those characteristics revealed by the handwriting. Graphonomy can prove to be highly accurate, and if a handwriting characteristic is present, it is very likely that the personality chart/description will be accurate in most respects. However, if a personality trait is not shown within the handwriting, it does not mean that the person will not show that trait.
The information provided by the analysis may prove to be highly informative. If you have analysed the handwriting of another person, you must consider the confidentiality of the information, and not pass the information received onto a third party without that person's consent. (See the Terms and Conditions / Disclaimer for more information).
FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY. The handwriting analysis service we provide is for entertainment purposes only. We do not provide services such as signature comparison, handwriting verification, forgery detection, or any service which would be connected with criminal investigation.

This will take you to the Graphonomizer™ to start answering questions about your handwriting sample. If you haven't prepared your handwriting sample yet for analysis you can go here to find out what you will need.

This will explain how to order a full, chargeable handwriting analysis. It includes information about prices for all services, and links to specific instructions regarding posting or scanning and uploading a handwriting sample.