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What You Will Need for a Good Handwriting Analysis, and How Long it Will Take

What you will need

To conduct this interactive handwriting analysis you will obviously need to have some handwriting to analyse.

If you are analysing someone else's handwriting, the larger the sample the better. Try and find writing that has been done on plain paper, and preferably in fountain pen, although a ball-point pen will do.

Fountain penIf you are going to create your own handwriting sample specifically for this study, then a fountain or cartridge pen is the best writing implement to use, and some reasonable quality plain writing paper.

There is more information about creating a good handwriting sample on the next page (How to obtain a good handwriting sample).

Magnifying glassWhile you are answering some of the questions you will find that a magnifying glass is required to help you examine some of the finer details that will be discussed. Alternatively, if you have a scanner you can scan the handwriting at at least 600 DPI for closer examination.

You will also need to measure the signature if there is one. The best way to check signature size is to use a signature grid. You can use one of these four methods for checking signature size:-

  1. Use a ruler to measure the signature as per the instructions.
  2. Print the signature grid onto thin paper or an overhead transparency. Make your you print the document at 'Actual Size'. This should produce a signature grid with the correct measurements, but check them with a ruler when you get to the signature size question. See below for the signature grid dimensions.
    Print Signature Grid
  3. Use tracing paper to construct your own signature grid. See below for the signature grid dimensions.
  4. You can purchase a specially made transparent signature grid which provides the best results.
    Purchase a Signature Grid

Signature Grid Dimensions

Signature Grid

The signature grid consists of a vertical edge line and a horizontal base line.

The lines for measuring the length of the signature (numbered 1 to 7) are drawn at the following distances from the edge line:-

1 = 25mm (1 inch)
2 = 38mm (1 and 1/2 inches)
3 = 51mm (2 inches)
4 = 64mm (2 and 1/2 inches)
5 = 76mm (3 inches)
6 = 89mm (3 and 1/2 inches)
7 = 102mm (4 inches)

The lines for measuring the height of the signature (lettered A to E) are the following distances from the base line:-

A = 8mm (5/16 inch)
B = 14mm (9/16 inch)
C = 21mm (13/16 inch)
D = 27mm (1 and 1/16 inch)
E = 33mm (1 and 5/16 inch)

How long it will take to do an analysis

We estimate that the total time to answer all of the questions is anything from 20 minutes to an hour, so one of the most important things you will need for your analysis is PATIENCE.

If your internet connection drops while you are answering the questions, complete them, and then re-connect to the internet before clicking on the submit button.

Remember to take your time, and if you have any doubts about a question or answer, it is best to give a neutral reply (i.e. indicate that the characteristic isn't shown).

Quantum Enterprises will always try and answer individual queries regarding the questions, but cannot guarantee that they will be able to reply to all individual questions.

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