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A procrastinator putting things off until tomorrow

Have you ever put something off saying "Why do it today when it can be done tomorrow?"

Do you know someone else who has the same attitude?

If so, then this website is for you (or them), because now they can finally get 'a Round Tuit' (around to it).

'Original' Round Tuit Medallion

Gifts for all occasions

This is the definitive place to find the finest Round Tuit gifts you can purchase anywhere in the world, including our unique 'Original' 100% brass Round Tuit Coins / Medallions.

'Original' Round Tuit Coins & Gifts

'Original Round Tuit' Medallions in single Presentation BoxesThe 'Original Round Tuit' Collection (Box set for 4 medallions)'Original Round Tuit' brass medallion in a small polythene bag'Original' Round Tuit Tshirt

Featuring our 'Original Round Tuit', 100% Polished Brass Coins / Medallions - the best quality and most popular Round Tuit gifts in the world!
Available in Egyptian, Roman, Arthurian and Contemporary Designs. Other gifts include coasters, t-shirts, teddy bears, and certificates.

'Traditional' Round Tuit Gifts

'Traditional' Round Tuit Coaster in Calendar Style CD Case10 Designs To Choose From

We also supply more 'Traditional' style Round Tuit coasters featuring the word 'TUIT' in the centre, and with the famous Round Tuit poem around the circumference. There are TEN backgrounds to choose from. More gifts coming soon.

Our 'Original' Round Tuit Products Make Fantastic Gifts For All Occasions:

Round Tuit certificateChristmas, birthdays, Mother's day, 'Father's day, Valentines day, passing a driving test, completing a project, a thank you for a job well done, fixing a shelf, getting up before 11:00am, getting married, getting divorced! The list is endless...

Browse 'Original' Round Tuit Gift Ideas

The Classic and Most Elegant Round Tuit Gift

'Original' Round Tuit Brass Medallion - supplied in a presentation case

Round Tuit medallion in padded caseBeautifully crafted 45mm diameter solid brass replicas of either the Egyptian, Roman or Arthurian 'Original Round Tuit' designs are supplied in an exquisite case with white satin lined lid and padded blue velvet base.

More Information and Purchase


Learn about the history of the Original Round Tuit and its place in Egyptian, Roman, Arthurian and Contemporary times.
See the fantastic detail on the Egyptian, Roman, Arthurian and Contemporary versions that have been uncovered,
And finally, why not give one as a gift to someone you know who has finally got around to it?!


There are four unique 'Original' Round Tuit designs:

Please note: All of our Round Tuit characters and historical events are fictional!
Round Toit or Round Tuit? There's some disagreement about the spelling, but we use the spelling 'Round Tuit' on this web site.