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'Original' Round Tuit History


Set of 4 'Original' Round Tuit medallions

'Original' Round Tuits

Quantum Enterprises has commissioned a range of 'Original' Round Tuit medallions, which are produced as high quality 100% brass 'replicas' of the imaginary Round Tuits from history. Rather than just having the words "TUIT" or "ROUND TUIT" on them, the medallions are designed with an intricately detailed theme that makes them beautiful and collectable objects in their own right. They are available as gifts, along with other related objects on this web site.

'Traditional' Round Tuit coaster

'Traditional' Round Tuits

If you are looking for a more 'Traditional' style of Round Tuit gift, we also produce a range of coasters with a more 'Traditional' Tuit design, featuring the word 'TUIT' in large letters, encircled by the traditional Round Tuit poem. Available in 10 different designs.

Round Tuits Through The Ages

Queen Neffatuit

Procrastination has been a problem for people throughout time. Although the origins of the Round Tuit were lost in the annals of history for centuries, recent archeological discoveries have proved that this concept has been used since at least Egyptian times (and possibly much earlier).

The three major discoveries to date are the beautiful gold Egyptian Round Tuit of Neffatuit, the bronze Round Tuit presented to the Roman, Procrastinatus, and the twelve gold medallions that were minted in Arthurian times for the twelve knights of the Round Tuit. The fourth medallion is a Contemporary design for the 21st century.

Click on the links below to find out more about the history behind the Egyptian, Roman and Arthurian Round Tuit artefacts, plus information about the Contemporary Round Tuit..

'Original' Round Tuits