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Roman Round Tuit History



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ProcrastinatusRoman Round Tuit History

A long time ago, in Roman Britain...

Meet Procrastinatus. He was a Roman, who lived in Britain some two thousand years ago.

Although many things were different with life in those times, Procrastinatus had one thing in common with many of us today - he liked to put things off.

"Why do it today, when it can be done tomorrow?", he asked.

'Original' Round TuitThere was one particular task which Procrastinatus would not do for several years, much to the distress of his wife - fix the under-floor heating. In fact, after a couple of freezing winters, she was so fed up she was ready to pack her bags and return to Rome.

Finally, Procrastinatus saw sense and repaired the heating system.

Archeological DigHis wife was so pleased she had a special, round, bronze plaque commissioned to thank him for finally getting around to it.

And so, nearly 2,000 years later the Round Tuit was discovered at an archeological dig in Somerset, England, alongside a rather splendid (but obviously lifted and repaired) mosaic floor.

To see more images of the Roman version of the Round Tuit, click here.


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